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The following programs were written by Ray Andrews, K9DUR, for use with PowerSDR™ by FlexRadio Systems. They may be freely distributed for non-commercial purposes as long as no fee is charged except for the cost of the distribution media.

The PowerSDR™ utilities are legacy programs. There will be no further development of any of these programs, nor can any support be provided other than answering general questions.

I do not charge for any of the programs available on this page.  However, developing & maintaining them is time-consuming. A donation to show your support is always welcome.

Please click on the Donate button below to go to a page where you can make a secure donation using PayPal. Thank you.

Although the programs are free, they are not open source.  All programs are the intellectual property of and are copyrighted by RNA Consulting Services. They may not be decompiled or reverse engineered for any purpose.

View the license agreement.

t SDRMemory (v4.5.2-- Released: 06/26/2013) -- This program provides an enhanced memory management system for PowerSDR with scanning capability.

Download the User's Manual for more information about the program.

t SWR Plotter (v2.0.2 -- Released: 08/16/2013) -- This program allows you to plot SWR charts of your antenna system using a FLEX-3000 or a FLEX-5000A transceiver.

Download the User's Manual for more information about the program.
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