Amateur Radio Station K9DUR
Continuously Licensed Since 1960

10/10/2000 -- Natalie, K9CAT, at WVARA Club Station Operating Position after receiving the John K. Lamb Award from the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce as the Outstanding Volunteer for 2000. 3/22/2003 -- Ray, K9DUR, and Natalie K9CAT, received the 2003 Brentlinger Award from the WVARA for outstanding service to the public and to amateur radio.  With them are their daughter, Sarah, and son-in-law Jay, AB9CG.

11/15/2003 -- Indiana Outstanding Amateur of the Year Nominees

Left to Right:  Roger McEntarfer (N9QCL), JR Osborne (KB9HSE), David Spoelstra (N9KT),
Ray Andrews (K9DUR), Todd Miller (N9RKY), Lee Kissell (K9GPS)
2003 Indiana Outstanding Amateur of the Year Award

5/17/2008 -- Ray was presented with a Flexi Award by FlexRadio Systems at the Dayton Hamvention
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